Vision and Mission

Vision, Mission and Objectives of the project.


As in past methodologies, UPVHA favors a populace wellbeing way to deal with tobacco lessening, focusing on all angles from counteractive action to treatment. In any case, it turns out to be progressively important to perceive that there are differences among specific gatherings/populaces that should be tended to. Inability to perceive these holes will just draw out the cycle of compulsion and ailment. It is important that we bolster an all encompassing methodology tending to all factors that make these kind of situations that are not helpful for solid living.

The vision includes:

  1. Disposal of overabundance horribleness and mortality caused because of tobacco use in India
  2. Compelling authorization of exhaustive tobacco control enactment and arrangements
  3. Being a streamlined coalition of multi-sectoral associations working towards a typical aggregate objective of tobacco control in India, with an attention on approach and mindfulness issues


The mission of the UPVHA is to make mass help for tobacco control arrangements through confirmation based, logically approved and deliberate backing by its part associations, directed at strategy producers through contribution of media, youth and the overall public to make a tobacco free India.

Strategy territories of UPVHA center include: restriction of smoking in broad daylight places, denial on promoting of tobacco items, forbiddance of offer of tobacco items to and by minors, portrayal of pictorial wellbeing notices on tobacco packs, halting surrogate publicizing and expanding charges on tobacco items.